Sell Like a Woman

Sell with soul, don't sell your soul! | taught by Nicci Bonfanti
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Nicci Bonfanti
Nicci Bonfanti
Principle of the Holistic Sales Academy

About the instructor

I had my first sales job at the tender age of 11 working in a newsagents shop. 

After a degree in Communication Studies, a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching adults, and during the time I studied for a Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language and an MBA in Innovation and Creativity, (I like learning!) I worked in sales for publishing, information and training companies which involved a lot of international travel

I spent 15 years managing a team of Sales and Marketing staff working in Italy, Eastern Europe, Asia, Europe and the UK.

All that took my toll on me so I took a bit of time out to have my baby daughter and then worked from home doing MLM sales jobs and setting up an Italian school for children.

Once my daughter started Junior school I started to get ambitious again and set up my own coaching and training company in 2010, specialising in helping women with confidence issues, particularly around sales.


Practical ways to step into your female archetypes to empower you in every stage of the feminine sales process.

Course Contents

12 Videos
5 Surveys
1 Multimedia
8 Texts
7.5 hrs